Root for Taiwan Technologies, Service for Industrial Transformation

Aston operated mechanical processing previously. With shareholder change and reorganization, we were founded officially in 1992. At initial stage, we were a mechanical plant dedicated to manufacturing packing related equipments, which were promoted all over the world with “Skin Packaging Machineg” applied to “PCB protective packing” and were accepted well by all PCB plants.

With the enthusiasm to design, Aston has invested much time and money for R&D of various equipments and products. In recent years, we further expand to become a R&D and manufacturing company for processing machine equipments and solar optoelectronic equipments.

Strict Quality

Other than other small mechanical processing plants, Aston keeps manufacturing quality strictly. From R&D to manufacturing procedures, we insist on providing customers the equipments and materials with the best quality to help customers create more values with the most cost effective methods. Therefore, our “PCB Packaging Machine” is the worldwide number one. We also innovate continuously for R&D of various processing equipments. Only with such enthusiasm, can we play a certain role in the conventional mechanical manufacturing industry.

4S Quality Insistence of Aston

Stable – We provide customers the equipments and materials with stable quality
Simple – We simplify the mechanical design and interface
Speed – We improve the mechanical performance to increase production efficiency
Save – We help customers to save processing cost

Perfect Services

Aston is not only an equipment manufacturing company. We also provide customers with perfect services from education and training, equipment maintenance, failure repair, packing consultation to packaging materials supply. With the rich experience for mechanical manufacturing, we respond customers for various requirements and provide solutions, and hope to have mutual benefit with customers.

Eco packing Spirit and Practitioner

Along with times change and environmental change, besides original packing equipments, Aston has also manufactured Wafer Cutting Machine and Solar Cell Lamination Machine to embrace the social responsibility for the society, human beings and environment, and do our best to make efforts with all people.