Real Cases

Case 1 Glass Ceramics Company

We are a glass ceramics company confused usually by the delivery of cups and dishes in a dozen. How to pack?

Skin packaging is recommended.
Place the cups with skin packaging on the paper box and seal the box after the packing.
Advantage: It keeps the cups from colliding with each other to result in damage.

Case 2 Automobile Water Tank Company

We are an automobile water tank manufacturer. There are many types of water tanks with irregular shapes. How to pack?

Skin packaging is recommended.
Advantage: Skin packaging many be utilized directly for objects with large scale, multiple types and different shapes without molding such that the molding fee and packaging material fee for other packaging methods may be saved.

Case 3 Hand Tool Company

We are a hand tool manufacturer. The space is occupied because there are many types of tools and there are always many packaging materials stocked in the warehouse. What to do?

Skin packaging is recommended.
Advantage: One by one molding is unnecessary. It is the most suitable for products with many types and the packaging material fee and warehouse space may be saved considerably.

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