Air Cushion Making Machine


Easy to Use

Automatically continuous production, Manufacturing in compliance with usage, clean and aligned air cushions without spreading on the floor.

Easy Operation

As long as films are installed, automatic production is available once power-on without adjusting equipments frequently or technical personnel.

Space Reduction of Inventory Packaging Materials

Thousands of air cushions may be manufactured with only one roll of films, which is opened to use, without the need of any inventory filling packing material not at all.

Light Desktop Design

It does not occupy working spaces and it is also applicable to indoor offices.

Use of the Environment Protective Film

  • The environment protective film is used without polluting the environment.
  • The strength of the air cushion is the number one in the industry.

Energy Saving Design

Ultra low power consumption design


Suitable for delivery filling packaging in any industry.

The PCB Industry

The Electronic Industry

The Ceramic and Glass Industry

The Food Industry

The Gift and Houseware Industry

The agricultural Products


Logistics, Home delivery service…etc.


Machine Size 750L x 420W x 250H mm
N.W. 30Kgs
Power AC100V / 110V / 220V, 50/60Hz
Cushion Size Width: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm
Length: 200mm
Speed 40 pcs/min.

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