Skin Packaging Machine


  1. PE series packing films that meet “RoHS” and “SVHC” inspection standards are used.
  2. No special mold is necessary.
  3. Good effects of anti-collision, anti-friction, shockproof, anti-oxidant, waterproof.


Skin-Pack (Hanging Pack):

hardware parts, hand tools, stationeries, toys, foods, necessities…etc.

Part protective packing:

packing that needs to prevent from friction, collision, dust, oxidization, water … etc. during transportation or before the next processing, such as ferrite magnetic cores, auto parts, tanks … etc.

Classified item packing:

products composed of various fittings with the capability of collecting and packing all fittings such as screws, nuts, nails … etc. such that those fittings are visible clearly and packing materials are reduced for, for example, DIY fittings packing.

Collective packing:

items delivered after collective packing with a certain quantity, for example glass cup.


It is available to design special models with respect to individual requirements for customers.