Roller Cutting Press

This is a cutting machine designed by utilizing the pressure generated when the rolling wheel and the blade mold contact. It is applicable to the shaping and cutting of an entire material such that it may keep from the danger of operating conventional hydraulic machines.
Multiple layers may be cut at one time such that the production is large.


  1. Material saving: molds are arranged in advanced without wasting any material.
  2. Highest safety: no contact between operator and any rolling portion.
  3. High speed: the fastest cutting with 4 seconds for each mold.
  4. Largest area cutting: Multi-unit cutting for one mold with simultaneous cutting for multiple layers.
  5. Adaptation to special spec, material: spec that is difficult for cutting or the cutting for particularly thin, particular thick objects, such as line removal (paper box, plastic box …), dashed line, PET butterfly hole … etc.
  6. Easy operation: only 3 minutes are necessary for blade mold replacement, blade mold calibration without technical personnel.


It is applicable to cuttings for various plastics, rubbers, card boards, corrugated boards, leathers, non-woven fabrics, cloths, aluminum expansion net, asbestos, skin packaging and other entire material cuttings, for example, various facial masks, foods baking papers, skin packaging … etc.


  1. Skin Packaging
  2. Baking papers for steamed stuffed buns, steamed breads
  3. Foot-mounting advertisement boards
  4. Cartons, paper boxes, plastic boxes, cuttings for manual processing boxes
  5. Cardboard frame cutting
  6. Vacuum forming (blister) cutting
  7. PET shaping
  8. Acryl plate shaping
  9. Slip sheets for various garments: shirt collar, plate for fixing cuff
  10. Tarpaulin for vehicles, cutting of heat isolation material inside the hood
  11. Garment section of abrasive paper
  12. Shaping of aesthetic composition
  13. Mouse pad
  14. Manufacturing of beach cap
  15. Garment section of umbrella
  16. Sole, insole rapid cutting
  17. Garment section of fur clothing, rubber ball
  18. Shaping of disc type satellite antenna
  19. Sculpted notepaper
  20. Pads of automobile, motorcycle
  21. Garment section of sanitary napkin, paper diaper
  22. Shaping, garment section of large objects
  23. Products difficult to be cut by hydraulic machine, Thomson machine

Facial masks
Facial masks

Camouflage net


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