Optical Panel Lamination Machine

Protective films should be coated on plates to keep from the pollution of foreign matters because multiple processing actions are necessary when backlight plates and light guide plates are applied to LCD panels. In view of the poor and inappropriate design of lamination machine, Aston Machine R&D team upholds the enthusiasm for packing design and improvement to engage in developing new models of Optical Panel Lamination Machine with many models to satisfy customer requirements.


  1. The entire machine is made with low dust loading materials.
  2. Tread design with low contact area, low friction is utilized for material conveyance zone without scraping plates.
  3. Empty sensing device is used to detect the usage amount of films without plates being damaged due to machine idling.
  4. Constant pressure dynamic fitting adjustment and automatic gap regulation without plates being broken due to over pressure.
  5. Load free automatic adjustment design for plates to pass fitting wheels freely without impacting pressure on plates to damage plates.
  6. Automatic fine-tuning of the center of glue film rack for the edge of glue film to be located at appropriate position.
  7. Detect positive and negative plate surfaces to keep from incorrect determination performed by operators.
  8. The patented design of automatic glue film edge-fold enables easy tearing of glue films.
  9. At constant pressure, the tread contacts with the plate directly without separation according to the height of the plate such that the plate may contact with the tread very closely and successively without generating bulbs in coating.
  10. The automatic length calculation technique may calculate the plate length such that the mechanical structure is unnecessary to be adjusted for the modification of plate length.
  11. Optoelectronic control automatic feeding technique may start the feeding action automatically and finish the subsequent steps one after another.
  12. The automatic plate counting/directing/stacking function may stack plates averagely and count the quantity of each stack.


Lamination for PMMA plates, glass plates.

Lamination for PMMA plates, glass plates


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